[Mono-dev] SerialPort and Ring Indicator signal

Carlos Alberto Cortez calberto.cortez at gmail.com
Mon May 22 16:59:46 EDT 2006

Well, RING indicator can't be directly used (as opossed to Cts, Dsr, CD,
Rts and Dtr). The public API in .Net does not expose this indicator
directly (you can only monitor it based on the events).

Of course we could add it to the get_signal_code () function and
retrieve it. But the real problem is that we can't add it - we must keep
compatibility with .Net API.

Probably this is achieved in some way - since you mentioned that you are
porting a .Net app-. But in that case, we must have additional info -and
some code-.


El lun, 22-05-2006 a las 18:58 +0200, jfm escribió:
> Hi,
> I'm porting a program running on microsoft .net to mono. This program 
> uses modem information like Dsr and Cts but it also uses RI (ring 
> indicator).
> My problem is that RI doesn't seem to be supported (see enum 
> MonoSerialSignal in the get_signal_code function in serial.c), am I right ?
> If yes, I could make the modification, I think it is only few lines 
> (adding a new entry to the enum and a if with TIOCM_RI (defined in 
> ioctl-type.h) in the function but it might involve recompiling a lots of 
> thing and I don't know how to do.
> Best regards
> Jean-François
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