[Mono-dev] SerialPort and Ring Indicator signal

jfm jf.morcillo at tourret.com
Mon May 22 12:58:51 EDT 2006

I'm porting a program running on microsoft .net to mono. This program 
uses modem information like Dsr and Cts but it also uses RI (ring 
My problem is that RI doesn't seem to be supported (see enum 
MonoSerialSignal in the get_signal_code function in serial.c), am I right ?
If yes, I could make the modification, I think it is only few lines 
(adding a new entry to the enum and a if with TIOCM_RI (defined in 
ioctl-type.h) in the function but it might involve recompiling a lots of 
thing and I don't know how to do.

Best regards


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