[Mono-dev] Re: Starting mod-mono-server as a different user

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri May 12 11:45:05 EDT 2006

Hi Kornél,

> Is it poosible to start mod-mono-server as a specific user rather than 
> using the same user that is used by apache?
> If this is an advanced task but someone has experience please let me know.

Due to apache's design, there is no straightforward way to start
processes from inside of a apache child as a specific user.
Apache's SuExec wrapper is targeting CGI and is useless for modules.

Mod_mono provides the MonoStartXSP option. You can set it to
"False" and start mod-mono-server manually as the specific user.
Some tinkering with the Unix socket's permissions might
be necessary, unless MonoListenPort is used, which turns on TCP
between mod_mono and mod-mono-server.

Another (very risky) way: use a setuid 'root' wrapper for the mono
executable, inspired by the sources of Apache's SuExec.

And finally: drop mod_mono and use mod_proxy + mod_proxy_http
+ XSP instead. It's slightly easier to configure, especially
if you are not used to mod_mono.


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