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vijay.2.jadhav at bt.com vijay.2.jadhav at bt.com
Tue Mar 28 05:01:12 EST 2006


1. I am planning to use LDAP in my application.  I am a newbe to LDAP. I
have downloaded "mono.security.dll" and "novell.directory.ldap.dll".  
2. I want to perform ADD/MODIFY/DELETE operations on the LDAP server. 
3. I have also got the C#.NET code sample from the site.

Before running the code in order to set up the .NET client application ,
I have to 

	a. Setup LDAP server
	b. Mono trust Store.

I cannot find any information on as to how to do these 2 things.  A
'cnet.pdf' that I have downloaded from novell.com does not give any
details. I am not able to setup a digital certificate.  Can you please
provide me the details.

Warm Regards
Vijay Jadhav
Tel - 0044-1473-609963
Mo - 0044- 7767483825

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