[Mono-dev] System warning removal.

Marek Safar marek.safar at seznam.cz
Sat Mar 11 06:05:16 EST 2006

Hello Miguel,

> With the following patch, only a handful of warnings are left.  The ones
> left are in Sebastien's or Gonzalo's domain and I did not want to touch
> those.
> If anyone has objections, let me know.

+		// Invoked from System.Web, disable warning
+#pragma warning disable 169
 		static IConfigurationSystem ChangeConfigurationSystem (IConfigurationSystem newSystem)

I think to make the method internal is more common practice.

+#pragma warning disable 67
 		public event SerialErrorReceivedEventHandler ErrorReceived;
 		public event SerialPinChangedEventHandler PinChanged;
 		public event SerialDataReceivedEventHandler DataReceived;
+#pragma warning restore

I would prefer #if false because these events are MonoTODO indeed.


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