[Mono-dev] 1.2 release?

Roger Jakobsson roger.jakobsson at jorosoft.se
Fri Jun 30 13:40:20 EDT 2006


Mono version numbers is not the same as MS.NET versions, Mono already
have support for both MS.NET 1.1 and 2.0.
I don't think everything works yet, but most of it is there.

Regarding VB, as long as you compile under MS.NET it should be ok to use
My, because the compiler changes that anyway (or am I wrong?).
But the best would be to convert to C# anyway, I guess.


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Hello folks,
I'm a .Net developer, always working in a M$ environment.

A customer, addicted to Linux, asked me to try to run an application of
mine under mono. This application is Fx 2.0 but actually don't use very
much of 2.0 libraries.. so I'd like to know, if possible, when something
to run 2.0 assemblies will be available with mono. I keep finding 1.1xxx
releases. I saw that 1.2 release was predicted to lunch in Q1/2006.

Also: my application is as I said 2.0, developed with Visual Basic. I
didn't find much difficoult to convert it to C# (with VBConversions' VB
to C# converter). But as you probably know, VB has the "my" namespace
wich wraps many classes.. will "my" be ported to linux or I have to use
classic C# calls to classes? If this is the case, I'll start migrating
"my" calls to standard framework calls (or build a personal wrapper for

Thanks in advance,
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