[Mono-dev] 1.2 release?

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 14:52:50 EDT 2006

Hi Tizio, inline

On 6/30/06, Tizio Incognito <tizioincognito at tiscali.be> wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I'm a .Net developer, always working in a M$ environment.
> A customer, addicted to Linux, asked me to try to run an application of
> mine under mono. This application is Fx 2.0 but actually don't use very
> much of 2.0 libraries.. so I'd like to know, if possible, when something
> to run 2.0 assemblies will be available with mono. I keep finding 1.1xxx
> releases. I saw that 1.2 release was predicted to lunch in Q1/2006.

Well 1.1.xxx releases of Mono, can optionally install our preview of
the .NET 2.0 profile, that currently has support for the new runtime
features like Generics, and corlib 2.0 reflects that. But surely we
still miss much of the 2.0 enhancements to the other libraries.

> Also: my application is as I said 2.0, developed with Visual Basic. I
> didn't find much difficoult to convert it to C# (with VBConversions' VB
> to C# converter).

As it seems you are talking about desktop WinForms apps, you may try
to run the pre-compiled assemblies instead of converting to C#, but

> But as you probably know, VB has the "my" namespace
> wich wraps many classes.. will "my" be ported to linux or I have to use
> classic C# calls to classes? If this is the case, I'll start migrating
> "my" calls to standard framework calls (or build a personal wrapper for
> those).

We didn't start to provide any support for VB.NET 2.0 runtime support,
but as I understand it, the My namespace is in truth IDE-generated
code, wrapping your resources, configurations, etc.. so when you
compile your app it is compiled in the same assembly, so it should run
in Mono, pending some support classes that may be needed in MS.VB.dll,
and that sure we don't have yet.

Furthermore, we are just completing our implementation of WinForms
1.x, and haven't started to implement the new features and controls
found in WinForms 2.x, so probably it will represent another stone in
your path.

Anyway, we would love that you tried to run things and report the
bugs, and unimplemented features, that may be holding your app from
being able to run in Mono.

> Thanks in advance,
> tK


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