[Mono-dev] System.Console echo issue

David Powell mono at ims-integer.com
Fri Jun 16 10:16:25 EDT 2006

	I'm writing a cross-platform console based application and I've come 
across an issue with Mono (V. 1.1.15)

There seems to be a discrepancy with the default status of keyboard echo 
when running Mono on Windows vs. Unix.

On Windows the terminal defaults to 'No Echo' whereas on Linux it 
defaults to 'Echo'. As the Microsoft VM (on Windows) also defaults to 
'No Echo' I'm guessing that this is the correct behavior.

I took a look at the source to see if it was a quick fix, but started 
getting bogged down with 'ioctl' calls in 'console-io.c', so thought I'd 
better ask here first;

Is it a bug, or is it working 'as intended'?

(I have a very small program I can post that shows the issue, if required.)


David Powell.

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