[Mono-dev] Application Portability Guidelines.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Jul 31 16:03:20 EDT 2006


> You don't understand what I wrote. *Every* bugs could block people.
> IF we write notes that "your code might not work if you use ..."
> with related to *every* bugs (EVEN IF it is possible), that
> web info becomes pretty useless because of such flood of extraneous
> information.
> You could have just searched bugzilla for doubtful behaviors.

Yeah, or we could just link to Bugzilla.

Anyways, lets focus on getting good helpful hints to folks that might
want to port their software.

I for one, tried to "extract" some porting hints from our "wf-apps"
collection, and found out that other than pathnames, it was all a direct
port, just adding a Makefile got apps going.


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