[Mono-dev] We want to contribute

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Jul 16 23:06:55 EDT 2006


> my final project team wants to contribute to Mono Project. We are a
> set of self-motivated people who are very enthusiastic to build a good
> thing in our final project. So, we want suggestions on how we can
> contribute. We are ready for a big contribution, one that will affect
> Mono largely and put it a big step forward.

A few tasks that might be worth considering:

	MonoDevelop tasks

		This is one of the things that will probably have the
		deepest impact.   

		You can find a TODO list here:


	Mono Tasks

		You might want to glance over some ideas that we had
		for students here:


		Although this applies to the Summer of Code, the
		projects listed there are just as useful.


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