[Mono-dev] We want to contribute

ahmad faheem eng_faheem at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 16 14:33:46 EDT 2006

  i'm ahmed faheem, a final year student, Computer & Systems Engineering Dept, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandraia Univ., Egypt.
  my final project team wants to contribute to Mono Project. We are a set of self-motivated people who are very enthusiastic to build a good thing in our final project. So, we want suggestions on how we can contribute. We are ready for a big contribution, one that will affect Mono largely and put it a big step forward.
  we are a team of 6, 4 of us has excellent grades, the rest has "very good" grades, that's like A,B, C grades.
  So, i'm waiting for your suggestions, and then watch those poeple from Egypt.
  Thanks very much
  Ahmed M. Faheem

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