[Mono-dev] Ldap and Threading

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Mon Jan 23 00:24:19 EST 2006

> > If you can send to this forum just the relevant diffs
> > (patches) and, if
> > possible, provide a brief explanation about the changes, I
> > will be glad to look into them.
> Ok I've included two different patches. The Full_Novell one is a
> diff
> based on the code that JD provided to me, so that you can have a base
> what
> was provided to me. The second BoiledDown patch contains what I'm
> certain
> are the relevant fixes (If I wasn't sure I used JD's changes).

Yes, most of the changes centered around thread synchronization issues I
ran into and exception handling. I did also "clean up" some things I
noticed while I was in there.

> If more detailed explanations are needed I'm afraid we'll have to hope
> that JD
> is still reading the list and can respond.

Yup, I'm still listening. Thanks for putting this together Mike. I had
submitted a patch to the Novell LDAP project and apparently it never got
rolled in anywhere.

There may also be some discrepancy in the version used to do the diff.
The code I sent you was based on the Novell release version 2.1.3 at the
time (August). I see they're up to 2.1.4 now.

-JD Conley

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