[Mono-dev] 1076 Ways To Break A Runtime

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Wed Feb 22 10:40:52 EST 2006

On 02/22/06 Jim Purbrick wrote:
> This version incorporates all of the old tests. Most
> are generated from templates, but there were the odd
> few that didn't warrant a template and couldn't be
> generated from an existing one, so I've just included
> those as cil files.

Sounds good.
Would you mind extracting the IL template source in their own files?
Maybe something called testtype.iltmpl.
This way it's easier to look at them.

Note that at least some templetes are invalid:
in make_bin_test.sh the signature of Main() is parametrized, but this is
not allowed, since only no args or string[] is accepted.

> I think Lupus had a plan for integrating the tests in
> to the Mono build/test process. I am planning to write

The attached Makefile is what I temporarily use, it doesn't count
that all the cil files have been compiled and that we really threw the
exception (need a cmdline option for that).
Or, another option that would make testing much faster:
instead of having independent il programs, make them compile
to a library and generate a C# driver program that calls each function
with a try {} catch (ExpectedException) {} clause. This can't be done
for all the tests, though ...


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