[Mono-dev] 1076 Ways To Break A Runtime

Jim Purbrick jimpurbrick at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 21 21:17:53 EST 2006

New archive here:


This version incorporates all of the old tests. Most
are generated from templates, but there were the odd
few that didn't warrant a template and couldn't be
generated from an existing one, so I've just included
those as cil files.

All the generated tests are now named *generated.cil
and I've added a clean_tests script to get rid of them
without deleting the non-generated scripts.

The new make_unary_test script makes heavy use of
substitutions, so is very flexible, but also makes the
entries in make_tests which call it more complex, not
sure what the right balance is there.

There are still a few more tests I'm going to add as
listed in the README. Once those are added and all of
the tests are detected as invalid by Mono (or some
other verifier) I *think* it will be reasonably safe
to run code output by my bytecode transformer and then
verified in Second Life.

> I had to run dos2unix on the make_tests.sh or else
> it wouldn't execute.

The version in the new archive should be OK.

> Do you have/plan scripts to assemble / execute / log
> the results of the tests?

I think Lupus had a plan for integrating the tests in
to the Mono build/test process. I am planning to write
a noddy script to see which tests assemble with
Mono/MS ilasm and see which are detected as invalid by
MS PEVerify (if anyone else has done that already, let
me know).



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