[Mono-dev] Application accepting HTTP requests

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu Feb 9 19:05:48 EST 2006


> So my question is: How should I realize this? Should I write a gtk#
> application and integrate XSP? (Is this possible?)

This is possible.   The core of XSP lives in the Mono.WebServer

Look at the file xsp/src/server.cs, thats the front-end to the library.

> Or should I use HTTPListener (have read, that this is implemented in
> 1.1.12), but can I handle SOAP webservice requests with this solution
> without a lot of work?

You can do this, but if you want to "host" ASP.NET (if you are planning
to use the ASP.NET web services) then you must implement an
HttpWorkerRequest class that interfaces to the HttpListener interface.

Not difficult, but not as straightforward as using the stuff you need
from XSP.

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