[Mono-dev] Application accepting HTTP requests

Michael Gebhart lists at miketech.net
Thu Feb 9 15:32:13 EST 2006


I wanna build a gtk application (gtk#), which accepts requests over
http. The application should return dynamic created webpages and also
implement SOAP webservices.

So my question is: How should I realize this? Should I write a gtk#
application and integrate XSP? (Is this possible?)

Or should I use HTTPListener (have read, that this is implemented in
1.1.12), but can I handle SOAP webservice requests with this solution
without a lot of work?

Or should I use XSP and write an ASP.NET application and try to split it
from the gtk# frontend and try to realize the intercommunication with

My idea was to write a small gtk# application, that is in the systray
and shows some webpages. The data, which is shown via http should be
configurable with the gtk# frontend. So I could also write all settings
into one database and the ASP.NET app could check the data. And if I
wanna have my application to show a notify, when a new request has been
accepted, I could use dbus for the communication between ASP.NET and
Gtk# frontend (right?).

Or would it be better to have it in one application?



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