[Mono-dev] RE: FW: [PATCH] Enum XML (de)serialization fixes

Gert Driesen gert.driesen at telenet.be
Wed Feb 8 06:59:31 EST 2006


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> To: Gert Driesen
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> Subject: RE: [Mono-dev] RE: FW: [PATCH] Enum XML 
> (de)serialization fixes
> Hi,
> I think that at this point we should stop discussing this issue and
> spend our time in more productive work.

I definitely agree with this.

> First of all, the correct place for reporting bugs and 
> providing patches
> for those bugs is bugzilla. If the patch is big, splitting it 
> will ease
> the work of the reviewer (that is, there will be a better chance of
> getting it reviewed soon).

Sure, no problem with that. Some patches cannot be split up any further, but
I'll do my best to get them to a more reasonable size.

> Now, there are three bug reports from you with patches: 
> 77392, 77500 and
> 77111. 
> If there is some other patch, please file a bug report for it.

Yes, I'll do this later.

> About 77392: that's the patch you sent by mail. I reviewed it and sent
> you some comments.

Nope, its not. It's a subset of that patch. I tried to get it to the
smallest size possible, and submitted a bug report for it (#77392).

> You answered some but not all of them (I can't find
> your email with the answers right now, that's why using bugzilla is
> better, you make sure no information is lost, and makes it 
> easy to track
> the comments).

I agree.

> So, what should I do with this patch? looks like it has
> some changes, do I have to review it all again?

No, I'll try splitting it up in smaller patches (of which #77392 is one).

Let me know if I need to further reduce the size of that patch (or remove
parts of it).

Thanks for the constructive feedback.


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