[Mono-dev] RE: FW: [PATCH] Enum XML (de)serialization fixes

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Wed Feb 8 06:50:29 EST 2006


I think that at this point we should stop discussing this issue and
spend our time in more productive work.

First of all, the correct place for reporting bugs and providing patches
for those bugs is bugzilla. If the patch is big, splitting it will ease
the work of the reviewer (that is, there will be a better chance of
getting it reviewed soon).

Now, there are three bug reports from you with patches: 77392, 77500 and
77111. If there is some other patch, please file a bug report for it.

About 77392: that's the patch you sent by mail. I reviewed it and sent
you some comments. You answered some but not all of them (I can't find
your email with the answers right now, that's why using bugzilla is
better, you make sure no information is lost, and makes it easy to track
the comments). So, what should I do with this patch? looks like it has
some changes, do I have to review it all again?


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