[Mono-dev] api-diff/api-info problems

Alan McGovern alan.mcgovern at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 06:38:58 EST 2006


Yesterday i compiled the mono/tools/corcompare tools in order to generate a
class status page so i could compare Mono.XNA's status as compared to the
Microsoft.Xna library, but i ran into a few problems.

After compiling the tools, i ran mono-api-info on Mono.XNA (saved as
monoxna.xml) and then on MS.XNA (saved as msxna.xml). Next i ran:
mono-api-diff monoxna.xml msxna.xml > MonoVsMS.xml. Finally i ran the
conversion tool using the supplied xsl file to create a HTML page.

I took this html page and grabbed the mono/web/web folder and stuck it in
there (in the right place) so it could access the images and whatnot.
However the resulting page is unusable ;) It looks like the javascript is
missing/broken/not even referenced. The page generated looks like:
everything is expanded, and the plus-minus tabs don't
expand/un-expand the different sections, everything starts off expanded and
remains expanded.

So if anyone knows what i'm doing wrong or how to fix it, that'd be great!

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