[Mono-dev] Windows Shell

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Fri Dec 1 13:25:09 EST 2006

Hi Steve,
The shlwapi assembly has some useful stuff for manipulating paths that I
once used in NUnit. Of course,
I had to remove it in order to port. I just wondered if you felt it was
within your scope, since it has 
"shell" in its name... btw, if you want to Pascal-Case the name, it would
have to be ShLwApi, since
it stands for the "shell lightweight api" :-)
I personally have no knowoledge about what would be the right thing to do
with this for linux developers,
but its definitely the right group to ask.


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The ShlWapi stuff is only needed because IShellFolder.GetDisplayNameOf()
returns a STRRET, ShlWapi.dll provides StrRetToBuf which makes translating
this abomination to a standard string a little easier. Or am I missing the

I am looking into the portland project for providing special folders on
linux. Am I right in thinking that if portland is not present, we could just
present the *nix filesystem as the shell namespace, rooted at / instead of

If there is the opinion from those higher up that this library might be
useful, I would be happy to have a shot at implementing the *nix side of
things. We still need early adopters to give feedback though.

On 11/30/06, Charlie Poole <charlie at nunit.com> wrote: 

HI Steve,
Good point about porting. If I'm using the Shell api then I'd like my app to
actually work on Mono, with graceful
degradation when a particluar folder or item doesn't exist on the platform.
And of course, I also see things on my desktop that look like they might be
construed as analogues of the
virtual folders that exist in Windows. Windows programmers would probably
want them to work. Those
coming from Linux may prefer some other API.
Actually, when I first saw your post, my mind went immediately to Shell
extensions, which seem to be pretty
much Windows-only, unless you want to invent something equally arcane for
Linux. :-)

BTW, do you think of the shlwapi assembly stuff as part of this?

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