[Mono-dev] Windows Shell

Steve K grokys at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 1 04:02:26 EST 2006

The ShlWapi stuff is only needed because IShellFolder.GetDisplayNameOf()
returns a STRRET, ShlWapi.dll provides StrRetToBuf which makes translating
this abomination to a standard string a little easier. Or am I missing the

I am looking into the portland project for providing special folders on
linux. Am I right in thinking that if portland is not present, we could just
present the *nix filesystem as the shell namespace, rooted at / instead of

If there is the opinion from those higher up that this library might be
useful, I would be happy to have a shot at implementing the *nix side of
things. We still need early adopters to give feedback though.

On 11/30/06, Charlie Poole <charlie at nunit.com> wrote:
>  HI Steve,
> Good point about porting. If I'm using the Shell api then I'd like my app
> to actually work on Mono, with graceful
> degradation when a particluar folder or item doesn't exist on the
> platform.
> And of course, I also see things on my desktop that look like they might
> be construed as analogues of the
> virtual folders that exist in Windows. Windows programmers would probably
> want them to work. Those
> coming from Linux may prefer some other API.
> Actually, when I first saw your post, my mind went immediately to Shell
> extensions, which seem to be pretty
> much Windows-only, unless you want to invent something equally arcane for
> Linux. :-)
> BTW, do you think of the shlwapi assembly stuff as part of this?
> Charlie
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