[Mono-dev] Distributed Unit Testing

pablosantosluac pablosantosluac at terra.es
Wed Aug 30 18:32:24 EDT 2006


> This looks pretty cool! Mono could probably use this, since there
> are so many test, and we (the NUnit team) would be interested
> to hear more about it as well. We're looking at similar things, but
> your ideas are welcome - and so are you and your code!

Please, feel free to use it... :-)
> Have you actually modified NUnit? Looking solely at the zips, 
> because I'm a little pressed for time right now, it appears that 
> you build on top of NUnit, rather than actually modifying it.

Well, now that you say, if I remember correctly I made an small
modification in order to be able to launch an individual test... But 
I don't really remember! (It was last January). I will check it
tomorrow and let you know. 

But yes, when I said "modified" I should have said "extended" or
something else...

> If you are modifying it, I'm hoping you use some non-conflicting
> version number scheme, to avoid confusion. In fact, if you give
> out any modified assemblies, renaming them would probably be better,
> since it makes it obvious that there is a change. This may seem
> like a small thing, but if you have ever dealt with bug reports
> on an unidentified version of your code, you'll understand.

Yes, yes. You're right. I will check and let you know.

> One thing, since you're distributing nunit and log4net, you should
> put the the license files from each product into your zips. If
> you are actually modifying NUnit, there's a notice of attribution
> that you're supposed to include as well - see the license.

Right. Good to know. Sorry. Well, I think "pnunit" will run on top
of standard NUnit. If not I will let you know the changes, but as far
as I remember we are just building on top. I will include the license files
of both products on the zip files. Sorry again... :-(

> I have downloaded the source and I'll give it a try in my next
> idle moment. :-)

Ok, let me know.

> Charlie 
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>> Hi,
>> We needed to test our software on a distributed scenario. We 
>> have developed an small extension to NUnit.
>> We think maybe somebody can find it interesting, so we have 
>> published the source code, an example and a short description 
>> at our website. You can find it at pnunit.codicesoftware.com.
>> Hope you find it interesting.
>> pablo 
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