[Mono-dev] Distributed Unit Testing

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Wed Aug 30 15:30:11 EDT 2006

Hi Pablo,

This looks pretty cool! Mono could probably use this, since there
are so many test, and we (the NUnit team) would be interested
to hear more about it as well. We're looking at similar things, but
your ideas are welcome - and so are you and your code!

Have you actually modified NUnit? Looking solely at the zips, 
because I'm a little pressed for time right now, it appears that 
you build on top of NUnit, rather than actually modifying it.

If you are modifying it, I'm hoping you use some non-conflicting
version number scheme, to avoid confusion. In fact, if you give
out any modified assemblies, renaming them would probably be better,
since it makes it obvious that there is a change. This may seem
like a small thing, but if you have ever dealt with bug reports
on an unidentified version of your code, you'll understand.

One thing, since you're distributing nunit and log4net, you should
put the the license files from each product into your zips. If
you are actually modifying NUnit, there's a notice of attribution
that you're supposed to include as well - see the license.

I have downloaded the source and I'll give it a try in my next
idle moment. :-)


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> Hi,
> We needed to test our software on a distributed scenario. We 
> have developed an small extension to NUnit.
> We think maybe somebody can find it interesting, so we have 
> published the source code, an example and a short description 
> at our website. You can find it at pnunit.codicesoftware.com.
> Hope you find it interesting.
> pablo 
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