[Mono-dev] gendarme: nant build files

Christian Birkl christian.birkl at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 17:13:34 EDT 2006

Since i'm a windows user (I don't believe I've said this loud) it is really
hard for me to run the Makefile based build. Also MonoDevelop is just
available for *nis (last time i checked) so no chance for us windows
developers to build gendarme out of the box.

I get your point with the outdating - but currently as a windows developer
you just get the source and need to manually create either VS projects or
nant build files. By providing at least nant build files one may easier
begin patching gendarme than without.

Since I'm not that involved in other projects - how do other handle this
issue with "build files"?


2006/8/28, Sebastien Pouliot <sebastien.pouliot at gmail.com>:
> Hello Christian,
> On Mon, 2006-08-28 at 22:47 +0200, Christian Birkl wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > attached a NAnt build file for build and running gendarme. Two things
> > bug me currently which should be corrected by someone who has more
> > experiences with nant build files:
> We already have 2 build systems (Makefile and MonoDevelop) for Gendarme.
> I don't mind adding a third one, but I don't want to maintain it ;-)
> Will you maintain it ? (*)
> (*) which also means that it will get deleted if it gets outdated and
> not updated for a while (i.e. after I get angry few emails about it ;-)
> >  - Mono.Cecil location must be specified as property (a dynamic lookup
> > in gac/pkg-config would be nice)
> >  - same with nunit.framework if you want to run the unit tests.
> I don't know much about NAnt myself. Maybe Gert could help you with this ?
> Thanks
> p.s. let fix those issues before committing the build file (as I
> *really* want running the unit tests to be as easy as possible).
> --
> Sebastien Pouliot  <sebastien at ximian.com>
> Blog: http://pages.infinit.net/ctech/
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