[Mono-dev] gendarme: nant build files

Sebastien Pouliot sebastien.pouliot at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 17:09:08 EDT 2006

Hello Christian,

On Mon, 2006-08-28 at 22:47 +0200, Christian Birkl wrote:
> Hello all,
> attached a NAnt build file for build and running gendarme. Two things
> bug me currently which should be corrected by someone who has more
> experiences with nant build files:

We already have 2 build systems (Makefile and MonoDevelop) for Gendarme.
I don't mind adding a third one, but I don't want to maintain it ;-)

Will you maintain it ? (*)

(*) which also means that it will get deleted if it gets outdated and
not updated for a while (i.e. after I get angry few emails about it ;-)
>  - Mono.Cecil location must be specified as property (a dynamic lookup
> in gac/pkg-config would be nice)
>  - same with nunit.framework if you want to run the unit tests.

I don't know much about NAnt myself. Maybe Gert could help you with this ?


p.s. let fix those issues before committing the build file (as I
*really* want running the unit tests to be as easy as possible).
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