[Mono-dev] NullReferenceException thrown inside catch

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Aug 25 10:21:55 EDT 2006

Robert Jordan wrote:
>> That works very well, thanks. It would be nice if both Linux and
>> Windows version would work the same way though.
> Please file a bug, because the SEH handler above only cures the
> symptoms partially.
> It seems that Mono's SIGSEGV handler doesn't get installed
> at all, when mono-1.dll is LoadLibrary'ed from another DLL.
> W/out this handler every true NRE is uncatchable.
> This could lead to nasty bugs, because some library code
> might rely on catching those NREs.

The runtime actually installs a handler, but the handler
doesn't work as expected.


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