[Mono-dev] Mono SWF on Windows?

John Hatton hattonlists at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 23:21:50 EDT 2006

thanks for the reply.

> I think it might be about the same amount of work using Pango in Win32
> with Winforms than with Mono (or were you thinking that the widgets were
> being rendered with Pango?)

Yes, we actually want to be able to render a complex non-Roman script
as part of a localized UI. We want to be able to handle scripts that
Microsoft does not yet support, such as Myanmar (Burmese). Pango does
handle these, because it supports SIL Graphite text rendering.

So, we'd need to get MWF to continue to use Pango when run on WIndows.
Perhaps one coud compile MWF to use Pango, on Windows, for rendering

John Hatton

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