[Mono-dev] Mono SWF on Windows?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Aug 21 07:33:14 EDT 2006


> Can we run mono's implementation of Windows Forms on Windows? 


> I ask because our application needs Pango, and this is apparently
> supported by mono's WF, but is not by MS.Net.  In order to get Pango,
> we have been trying to get our app running using GTK#. 

Mono's WF does not use Pango or expose it, we hope to adopt Pango after
Mono 1.2 thought

I think it might be about the same amount of work using Pango in Win32
with Winforms than with Mono (or were you thinking that the widgets were
being rendered with Pango?)

> Ironic, eh?  We're using a cross-platform solution in order to get
> what we need on Windows.  If we were only developing for Linux, then
> we could use the Microsoft-initiated solution. 
> So we thought we'd ask.  Can we just use mono MWF on both platforms?
> Can it run under .Net runtime? Is anyone else doing this?  

Yes, it runs on the .NET runtime.

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