[Mono-dev] Feedback for Windows Forms in 1.1.15

Andreas Nahr ClassDevelopment at A-SoftTech.com
Tue Apr 18 15:02:19 EDT 2006

I tested some of my Winforms Apps on Mono 1.1.15 running on WinXP x64.
Most of the real-world apps didn't start, but some small sample ones did. 
Here are some notes about Problems with the ones that did:

Wrong clipping region/ Window size calculation? See screenshot

* Dividing line at wrong position -> should be at 50% of width of control.
* Readonly Elements not grayed out -> Gray out
* Readonly Elements show designers (if designers are used -> crash) -> Don't 
display designers for readonly elements
* Category Names not determined correctly if inherited -> Use inherited 
CategoryName Attributes
* Description default is currently: "Title<crlf>The long important 
Description" -> should be ""
* Default: All Entries expanded -> Should be: All entries NOT expanded
* Setting values does not work
* ToolbarVisible/HelpVisible ignored sometimes -> See screenshot

Crashes with any selection

Happy hacking!
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