[Mono-dev] mod_mono and Apache warning for FC5 users

PFJ paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue Apr 4 05:11:28 EDT 2006


Fedora Core 5 ships with Apache 2.2 and apr-1.x. Currently, this means
that mod_mono *will not* compile under FC5.

While the apr problem is not that hard to sort out (I have a fix at
home, but the network is down there at the moment, basically, it's a
hack to the configure script), the problems with Apache2.2 are not as
trivial to sort out.

I'll be having a look at both of them again tonight, but unless there is
something defined for Apache2.2 in Apache (or someway I can
differentiate between them in the config script), mod_mono may need
porting to Apache2.2 which will take more time.

mod_mono will still work with FC4, but I would not recommend downgrading
from FC4 to 5 because of this one thing!

I've contacted the maintainer of apr for FC and it seems that apr-config
applied to version < 1.0, whereas the version shipped with FC5 has
version > 1, and therefore apr-config and /usr/include/apr have now
become apr-1-config and /usr/include/apr-1. A symlink sorts the problem,
but mod_mono still fails to compile due to changes in Apache.


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