[Mono-dev] Mono is crossplatform ?

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Mon Apr 3 21:16:19 EDT 2006

>   The focus in this moment is not the cost or risk, but the functionality.
> In our tests a simple app with a main menu, a toolbar and a richtext box
> chashes on both stable and development versions of mono under linux (Suse
> 10).
>   The point is: The Mono WinForms implementation is not complete. The 
> status
> page says that it is covering 99% of the MS implementation but before our
> tests i think it's not true. Simple apps created with VS.NET using C#
> language on version 1.1 of the MS runtime (Mono claims to be compatible 
> with
> MS .NET implementation) simply suddenly close or shows the controls in the
> wrong positions on the form.
>   It's my opinion only from Winforms perspective. For class libraries it's
> ok, for ASP.NET it's ok, but for crossplatform WinForms it's not ok. I
> believe it will be soon.

Can you provide me with the bug numbers of the bugs you logged when you 
found that your app wasn't working?


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