[Mono-dev] MSBuild target for Mono

Gustavo Guerra gmcg at acm.org
Fri Sep 30 22:13:45 EDT 2005

I was hoping VS would also pick up the intelisense from the mono libraries, 
only showing the implemente methods, but it continues to display the 
intelisense for the ms libraries. Do you also know of any trick to make VS 
show intelisense from the metadata of the mono libraries?

Best regards,
Gustavo Guerra

"Mike Hull" <mike.hull at coversant.net> wrote in message 
news:433D8389.2040803 at coversant.net...
> Mike Hull wrote:
>> Gustavo Guerra wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'm currently developing a library and I though of also targeting
>>> Mono, but my experience with it is very small, and I'd like to be
>>> able to build from inside VS2005. I've seen some msbuild targets for
>>> .Net 1.1. Using them, we could pick a VS2005 project file, change a
>>> line or two, and have a build configuration that would invoke the
>>> .Net 1.1 compilers instead of the 2.0 default ones. Does any one know
>>> of something like that for Mono, so we could easily change the
>>> .csproject files and make VS2005 invoke mcs? With something like that
>>> it would be very easy to target mono. Can someone with experience in
>>> both MSBuild and Mono help?
>>> Best regards,
>>> Gustavo Guerra
>> We are using MSBuild to build our solution.  We have a custom targets
>> file that I posted on the list a while back.  That message is attached.
> This uses the .NET compiler but the mono mscorlib and libraries.  It is
> most definitely possible to create a mono build target for MSBuild, it
> should be easy.  I havn't come up with a reason besides debugging to do
> it yet.  It wouldn't interact very well with the Visual Studio
> enviornment, but if you are just using MSBuild it would work fine.
> Visual Studio needs the targets file to be formatted with the
> Target|Platform type of conditions, or it won't use them properly.
> Visual Studio doesn't seem to support everything that MSBuild does.
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