[Mono-dev] Cookies can not be saved

Joe Audette joe_audette at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 25 13:54:26 EDT 2005

I am using a persistent cookie like this:


where chkRememberMe.Checked is true, but not sure that
even matters if the browser hasn't been closed.

Even on mono/apache I can completely re-deploy my app
and restart apache and it does not require me to login
again unless I have logged out the persistent cookie
or closed the browser on the non persistent cookie.

Am I operating in a separate reality from everyone
else? :)

It would be quite inconvenient on my production apps
if everytime I deployed an update it logged people
Thankfully in my reality that is not the case, I'm
going to have to stay back from the event horizon to
your universe. ;D


--- "Gaurav Vaish (Mono)" <gvaish.mono at gmail.com>

> > I have not observed this on my development or
> > production machines with ASP.NET. I can update the
> bin
> > and anything else without having to login again.
> The
> > only time I've ever had to re-login is on a web
> Not quite sure as to why you "do not" have to
> relogin.
> If the assembly that does the task of registration
> is updated, the assembly 
> cache entry will be invalidated and everything
> restarts.
> Gonzalo:
>     In XSP, is the full assembly cache invalidated
> for any assembly changed 
> or only the corresponding assembly cache entry is
> invalidated?
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