[Mono-dev] System.Configuration.Install regessed?

Chris Micacchi mono at kinitos.com
Fri Sep 23 15:14:49 EDT 2005

A bunch of methods in System.Configuration.Install appear to have 
reverted to TODO status in Mono, which were implemented (and 
appeared to mostly work) in  Was this intentional?

I also note that the Changelog is missing these two entries between 
2004-06-11 and the most recent revision on 2005-08-08:

2005-04-07  Muthu Kannan  <t.manki at gmail.com>

         * AssemblyInstaller.cs (UseNewContext): Set default path.
         (Install,Commit,Rollback,Uninstall): Log events.
         * Installer.cs (Install, Commit, Rollback,Uninstall):
         Don't set installer context when invoking subinstallers.
         * InstallContext.cs (ParseCommandLine): Fix handling of '--'
         * TransactedInstaller.cs (Install): Fix typo.

2005-03-24  Muthu Kannan  <t.manki at gmail.com>

         Near-complete implementation of System.Configuration.Install.
         * Installer.cs: Implement.
         * AssemblyInstaller.cs: Likewise.
         * TransactedInstaller.cs: Likewise.
         * InstallContext.cs: Likewise.
         * InstallerCollection.cs: Likewise.

All of this functionality appears to be missing now, but there's no note 
that it was removed in the Changelog.

Thanks for any information!


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