[Mono-dev] Re: porting tool

Ben Maurer bmaurer at ximian.com
Thu Sep 22 13:24:24 EDT 2005

> Hi Ben,
> During my work on porting some project from Windows to Grasshopper I had
> to deal with a problem of wrong case in file names. Windows file system,
> as you know is case-insensitive, so in many files there were references
> to other files in wrong case. There were almost 10000 files in this
> project, so finding all such places was troblesome. Grep made too much
> noise and it's output format was not what I wanted. So I made my own
> tool, and it turned out to give good results.
> I think, this tool might be useful for people that port their
> applications from dotnet to Mono as well, so I can commit it for
> everybody's use.
> Do you think it's worth to have such tool in mono sources? What is the
> appropriate directory for such tool?
> I attach the source in this message. In addition to this source, I have
> the unittests, too. I played in test-driven programming, when I made
> this :-)

I'm not sure exactly how one would use this tool. Can you walk me through
how I would take a typical web application (say, AspNetForums) and fix up
the path references?

-- Ben

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