[Mono-dev] Implicit Polymorphy Question

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Thu Sep 22 13:01:25 EDT 2005

> I have only found the .NET 2.0 "generics" that might help, but
> apparently Mono does not yet have support for them in regular releases
> (though I found a note that it is available in CVS already).
> Is there a (typesafe) way to accomplish something similar without
> generics?

Yes, you want generics. Generics in Mono work in the 2.0 branch, which
is included in the releases. :) There is some missing functionality
still in some of the framework classes, though. One caveat is I haven't
tried to build an application with generics using mcs, I've been using
Visual Studio 2005.

-JD Conley

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