[Mono-dev] Calling Oracle stored procedure with output ref cursor parameter

Zsolt Petrény Zsolt.Petreny at sensenet.hu
Tue Sep 13 07:01:45 EDT 2005


I would like to ask whether calling Oracle stored procedure with output ref
cursor parameter is supported.

I am using Debian and the Oracle Client (despite it's not supported...) and
trying to get the output of a stored procedure as an OracleDataReader. AFAIK,
this can be achieved by declaring an output ref cursor parameter in the
Oracle package and then calling the ExecuteReader() method. It really works
with .NET FW 1.1 but not under Mono.

Today I have downloaded the new 1.1.9 version of Mono and checked its IL code
and I noticed that OracleType.Cursor parameters are treated as characters
(DbType.AnsiStringFixedLength, OciDataType.Char). I suppose this is not
correct (especially because I get an exception with the message "ORA-06553:
PLS-306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'GETDATA'").

So my question is, whether there's any way to retrieve rows by calling an
Oracle stored procedure and if not then when can we/I expect this to be

  Zsolt Petreny

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