[Mono-dev] customized mono embedding on osx

Davide Morelli davide.morelli at parser.it
Tue Sep 13 07:51:15 EDT 2005


sorry if these questions are dumb.. but i'm becoming mad with osx

I need to embed mono into an OSX application.
Following these tips http://www.go-mono.com/embedded-api.html I can compile
my osx application that uses mono embedded to draw on a CGContextRef.
I am using a customized version of the GAC (I customized System.Drawin.dll
and libgdiplus.dylib).
I'd want all the mono runtime (and GAC) into the application bundle (being a
customized mono I don't want to isntall it on the end-user system).

Question number 1: How should I compile mono to give libmono.0.dylib the
install_name @application_path ?
I've tryied with ./configure --prefix=@application_path but configure
returns an error

I've found this solution but don't know if is correct... I use
# otool -L ...
# install_name_tool -change .....
to change all install_names from absolute path to relative path (
@application_path/Frameworks/etc..) on all libraries needed (mono, glib,

Question number 2 (Very dumb question): How to ship all the (customized) GAC
with the embedded mono inside the bundle?

Thank you,

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