[Mono-dev] system class

Will Weisser wweisser at cambia.com
Thu Oct 6 12:30:19 EDT 2005

Not a provider, a client.  The Microsoft WMI API's have a DCOM interface
which you can invoke to execute WQL queries etc., but the actual data is
sent in a DCOM "custom" object which is essentially a stream of bytes in
an undocumented format.  So once you can connect via DCOM and parse the
custom format, you can manage Windows machines remotely from Linux.

If I were setting up a provider for Linux/Unix/whatever then I guess
OpenWBEM etc. would be an excellent option, or something like this:

Looking back it's not actually clear to me whether Matthijs is trying to
manage Windows from Linux, Linux from Windows, Linux from Linux or what
;P, so I apoligize if I muddled the issue.


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Hi Will,

> As I understand it the main difficulty in dealing with Microsoft's WMI
> implementation is that it runs over DCOM and not a standard protocol
> such as HTTP.
> I wrote a C# DCOM stack and WMI implementation for my company, but
> they own it and not me I can't release it into the Mono class libs.

Just out of curiosity: did you write "just" a WMI provider for some
system? Or a full CMI manager?


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