[Mono-dev] Mono structure of development

Massimiliano Mantione massi at ximian.com
Thu Oct 6 12:25:29 EDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-06 at 08:27 -0700, Harry wrote:
> I have a questions regarding Mono structure
> development. I have tried all the link at Mono
> website, but I couldn't find it. here is my questions.

I think you are referring to the "mono" and "mcs" svn modules
(which means directories in the source tree), and the name
"mcs" is very misleading in this case.

The idea (I think for historical reasons) is that in the mono
tree there are the things implemented in C (the runtime and the
jit essentially), and in the mcs tree everything implemented in
C# (compilers and libraries).
So the "mcs" tree is not just the mcs compiler, but everything
living in "managed land".

Does this clarify things?


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