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Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
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Hi All,

I just posted this to the nunit developer list. We had a brief discussion on
this list about using version numbers to distinguish the 1.1 and 2.0 builds
of NUnit. As you'll see below, I'm not doing that at the moment, but I'm
open to suggestions.


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Hi All,

Following up on the version numbering issue, here's what's happening...

1. NUnit 2.2.3 was released in two builds, one using .Net 1.1 and the other
using .Net 2.0. The same version number was used for both versions and this
seems to cause no problems. Please let me know if any are encountered.

2. NUnit will go to the traditional odd/even numbering used in many open
source projects. For example: 2.3.x is a development build and 2.4.x is a
stable production build.

3. The build number (third digit) for development builds will be in the form
yddd, representing the date of the build. For example, a development build
issued today would be 2.3.5322, one a week from now would be 2.3.5329.

4. The build number for stable builds will be sequential within each minor
version: 2.4.1, 2.4.2, etc.

5. The CVS mainline will always contain the version number of the last
development drop. We'll use a release branch for stable releases and will
begin doing bug fixes on those releases, separate from the ongoing
development of new features.

6. If it becomes necessary to distinguish versions built with .Net 1.1 and
.Net 2.0, we'll do so. But at the moment, there seems to be no need.

That's how it looks now, anyway.


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