[Mono-dev] SWF, gtk#, OSX, Linux, Win32, GUI's thougths?

CODY RUSSELL cody at jhu.edu
Tue Nov 22 16:15:17 EST 2005

I think OSX support for GTK just went into cvs recently.

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From: ted leslie <tleslie at tcn.net>
Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 3:04 pm
Subject: [Mono-dev] SWF, gtk#, OSX, Linux, Win32, GUI's thougths?

> I would just like to get some thoughts and clarifications about a 
> few things.
> 1) It says SWF at end of month.. and then months of testing.. when 
> will it likely debut in the
> 	standard distribution (dowload page) , and not be a cvs only? 
> 2) It is mentioned how SWF will work on Win32, OSX and linux, is it 
> possible that the release that
> 	has SWF will "for sure" have SWF working on all three 
> Win32/Linux/OSX, with OSX not needing X11
> 	support .. or may it be the case that it could come out, at fisrt, 
> not supporting OSX?
> 3) No IP flames intended here (just assume there might be an issue) 
> ... 
> 	Having been around Mono now for 2+ years, I have seen much written
> 	about the licensing and IP issues. Let just assume for this 
> question that there is a possibly a MS
> 	IP "issue" that could come along for SWF in the future. I would 
> really rather use GTK# 
> 	for win32/linux/OSX x-platform dev. (call it personal choice) but 
> as we know gtk# for 
> 	native OSX (no X11 deps.) is no where is sight. So this (above) 
> got me thinking -
> 	We know a certain portion of people on/in the Mono project are MS 
> people (which is great,
> 	Mono needs that), and the MS people are of course going to want 
> SWF for their GUI a lot of
> 	the time? But is it not true that many others would want gtk#? and 
> in fact from what I see 
> 	in the demo pages, gtk# IS very popular. So I find it odd that 
> gtk# support for native
> 	OSX is still perhaps completely out of sight, yet we could be 
> close to having SWF for
> 	native OSX now? and there are possibly some IP issue with SWF on 
> linux/OSX. So the end
> 	result of my thinking is .. is there not a disproportionate amount 
> of time being spent
> 	on SWF on native OSX than gtk# on native OSX? maybe the answer is -
> that i am one
> 	of about 5 people that care about using  gtk# on native OSX :(
> 	Or perhaps SWF for native OSX came very easy? and gtk# for native 
> OSX is very hard to implement? 
> -tl
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