[Mono-dev] SWF, gtk#, OSX, Linux, Win32, GUI's thougths?

ted leslie tleslie at tcn.net
Tue Nov 22 16:04:35 EST 2005

I would just like to get some thoughts and clarifications about a few things.

1) It says SWF at end of month.. and then months of testing.. when will it likely debut in the
	standard distribution (dowload page) , and not be a cvs only? 

2) It is mentioned how SWF will work on Win32, OSX and linux, is it possible that the release that
	has SWF will "for sure" have SWF working on all three Win32/Linux/OSX, with OSX not needing X11
	support .. or may it be the case that it could come out, at fisrt, not supporting OSX?

3) No IP flames intended here (just assume there might be an issue) ... 
	Having been around Mono now for 2+ years, I have seen much written
	about the licensing and IP issues. Let just assume for this question that there is a possibly a MS
	IP "issue" that could come along for SWF in the future. I would really rather use GTK# 
	for win32/linux/OSX x-platform dev. (call it personal choice) but as we know gtk# for 
	native OSX (no X11 deps.) is no where is sight. So this (above) got me thinking -
	We know a certain portion of people on/in the Mono project are MS people (which is great,
	Mono needs that), and the MS people are of course going to want SWF for their GUI a lot of
	the time? But is it not true that many others would want gtk#? and in fact from what I see 
	in the demo pages, gtk# IS very popular. So I find it odd that gtk# support for native
	OSX is still perhaps completely out of sight, yet we could be close to having SWF for
	native OSX now? and there are possibly some IP issue with SWF on linux/OSX. So the end
	result of my thinking is .. is there not a disproportionate amount of time being spent
	on SWF on native OSX than gtk# on native OSX? maybe the answer is - that i am one
	of about 5 people that care about using  gtk# on native OSX :(
	Or perhaps SWF for native OSX came very easy? and gtk# for native OSX is very hard to implement? 


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