[Mono-dev] Invalid IL code

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Nov 21 19:13:26 EST 2005


> A simple C# programm calling a method of the API works fine on .NET but results the followin error on MONO:
> ** ERROR **: Invalid IL code at IL000d in 91:24 (): IL_000d: stloc.0 

>From the information ("91:24") it seems like the assembly you are using
has been obfuscated.  Some obfuscators produce images that are not ECMA
compliant, which the Microsoft runtime still happens to consume.

This is the "Control Flow Obfuscation" feature in the obfuscators.

Mono currently does not support assemblies that have been obfuscated
with that.  We are hoping that the next release will contain code that
will cope with that.


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