[Mono-dev] Invalid IL code

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Nov 21 04:42:44 EST 2005


> I want to develop a C# application which uses a third-party assembly.  The assemby is an API to the web services of the company that provides the assembly.  The company supports the DLL only on .NET
> A simple C# programm calling a method of the API works fine on .NET but results the followin error on MONO:
> ** ERROR **: Invalid IL code at IL000d in 91:24 (): IL_000d: stloc.0 
> I installed mono 1.1.10 via rpms under CentOS 4.2 (RHEL clone). I think the installation of mono is proper, because programs run fine until the call into the assembly.
> I have no idea, who to go ahead.


PEVerify.exe third-party-assembly.dll (on Windows)
pedump --verify all third-party-assembly.dll (on Linux)

What's the output?


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