[Mono-dev] Workflow engine for Mono? (and code generation too :-)

Angel "Java" Lopez webmaster at ajlopez.com
Thu Nov 17 19:42:39 EST 2005

Hi people!

I'm working on a open source server, that can be used like a workflow
engine, or like a request/response server. Actually, my implementation is in
.NET. When I could stabilize the features and implementation strategies,
I'll publish the code. I think that it can be easily ported to Mono.

I'm working on a open source metamodel/mode/template code generation engine.
You can check:


Sorry, No documentation yet.... But it based in dynamic models (you can
create any model you want), and a basic-like scripting engine with
templates... Actually, in the examples, using NAnt, it can produce Java,
PHP, JSP, VB.NET, C#, web services, service layer, stored procedures, create
tables for MySql, a simple HelloWorld, or a semi complete ASP.NET
solution.... I'm working on a web interface, to produce an ASP (Application
Service Provider) solution for code generation....

For both project, the difficult part is the implementation of graphical
designers: the people love to draw the workflow or the model (like the new
DSL Toolkit for VS 2005).... Any link on open source designers?


Angel "Java" Lopez (me Tarzan.... :-)

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> I have been looking the latest WinFX bits from Microsoft, and I found
> the Workflow Foundation very interesting.
> Is there any workflow engine for Mono at this moment?
> If not, I think it would be a good idea to start one, even though I
> think it's better not to base it in Microsoft implementation, but
> creating a new one from scratch. We could get a designer, and a workflow
> engine usable from both MS.NET and Mono. I would be interesting on
> opening such a project, if there is no one like it.
> Any volunteers?
> Alejandro

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