[Mono-dev] Quick question about new features in mono control panel

Joshua Tauberer tauberer at for.net
Sun Nov 13 13:43:05 EST 2005

Christopher Bergström wrote:
> Here's what I outline and I think would be great.. (Feedback welcomed)

> A) Either updates to bin/*.dll or web.config not requiring a restart of
> Mono process

Figuring out when the files change is not a problem, but...

> B) Some way to restart each site and not have it effect the other sites

Besides restarting a mod-mono-server process, as I said, there's no way 
to restart individual applications.  This has to do with complicated 
AppDomain unloading issues.

> (esp not clearing their cache.  That can be a big performance hit if it
> happens too often.)

I don't think that's possible, not for caching in general.  Cached 
objects in memory can't stick around if the whole application is being 

>     i. Even _if_ each site ran under it's own mono process that would be
> fine so long as we can achieve the above goal.. Note: This only applies
> to servers that don't have an insane amount of sites.

Well this is possible, as we know, except not automatic.

Pending the ability for applications to be unloaded/restarted, we could 
add something that automatically restarts a mod-mono-server when 
particular files are updated.  (But note that this involves a policy 
decision too, because you wouldn't necessarily want someone to be able 
to restart everyone's applications just by recompiling.)

>     ii. We would probably need two tiers of Mono control panel. (Call
> them GlobalMonoCtl MonoCtl)

Okay, I'll think about how to do something like that.

- Joshua Tauberer


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