[Mono-dev] Quick question about new features in mono control panel

Christopher Bergström cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Sun Nov 13 10:59:46 EST 2005

Joshua Tauberer wrote:

> Ah, what I meant was you can control access to the "mono/?restart=..."
> URLs that when accessed actually do the restarting, so you can control
> which links are functional in that way.
> Anything more is probably going to be based on a local policy
> decision.  We could add a tool of some sort to make this all easier,
> but since I don't know what kind of tool would be useful for
> sysadmins, I wouldn't know what to make.
Here's what I outline and I think would be great.. (Feedback welcomed)

Most sites doing virtual hosting desire one of two things right now...

A) Either updates to bin/*.dll or web.config not requiring a restart of
Mono process
B) Some way to restart each site and not have it effect the other sites
(esp not clearing their cache.  That can be a big performance hit if it
happens too often.)
    i. Even _if_ each site ran under it's own mono process that would be
fine so long as we can achieve the above goal.. Note: This only applies
to servers that don't have an insane amount of sites.
    ii. We would probably need two tiers of Mono control panel. (Call
them GlobalMonoCtl MonoCtl)

With MonoCtl only being able to restart that site or whatever it's
configured for.. (Allowing hosting companies to automate and give
customers more control w/o the need to change IPs in config files..
ect..) Down the road we could make this more exposed inside mono itself
to allow 3rd parties to build things like hosting/control panel tools..

In the end this sort of functionality along with tested and stable
releases could make a big dent in the hosting industry in terms of getting..
    a) More sites using and being aware of mono
    b) More developers potentially becoming interested and having a dev
platform to test on..




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