[Mono-dev] Quick question about new features in mono control panel

Christopher Bergström cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Sun Nov 13 07:41:41 EST 2005

Side note: Can someone please create a source package with the 503 error
fixed for those compiling from source (There was a mispost in mono-list
and those not using svn/rpm need this.)

I know this should be obvious, but..

Can someone explain to me the difference between what these do exactly
    Restart all mod-mono-server processes
    XXGLOBAL: Restart Server
    default: Restart Server

I can only find

      mod_mono and virtual hosts

Mod_mono now works correctly with virtual hosts, and it is possible to
use the mod_mono control panel to restart individual servers.

Does this also somehow enable restarting each website when there is a
web.config change? 30 second version of howto take advantage of this? 
(Also if I enable /mono for all sites.. wouldn't this allow all sites to
restart all the server processes and not just their own?)



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