[Mono-dev] using internal calls in mono1.1.9 is allowed just in mscorlib.dll?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Nov 9 11:38:15 EST 2005


> I tried to add a few internal calls to expose certain features to classes.
> With older mono version, i did it by adding them at icall.c
> With same approach in mono1.1.9, I got runtime error "myapp.dll contains
> native code and mono can't run it."
> 1)
> Is it because mono doesn't allow internal calls through library dll other
> than mscorlib.dll?

No, you must be making a mistake. Use mono_add_internal_call ().

> 2) Another problem is that when install mono1.1.9, mcs directory wasn't
> compiled successfully. It looks for mcs.exe from mcs/class/lib/basic/ etc. I
> don't know why i face this problem.


make get-monolite-latest

> 3)
> Long time back, Ximian used to release mcs source including full class
> libraries. But, not i can't find those type of package. No other way to get
> source of class libraries other than that included in mono?

Have a look at mcs/class. If you don't have the mcs folder at
the same level as mono, well, install it, otherwise you won't
be able to build mono at all.

> 4) is there any tool to check the list of objects archived into certain dll?
> for example, in unix, we can use nm command to list symbols (or names of
> objects) archived into lib**.a.



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